Power Update

Power Update

Power Update is a brand-new software utility designed from the ground-up as a "companion" to Power Pivot, Power Query, and the entire Power BI stack. 
It allows you to schedule ANY Power Pivot / Power BI workbook for refresh, regardless of data sources used, and automatically deploys/publishes the resulting workbook to a destination of your choice:  SharePoint (both on-prem and cloud), Power BI online, file folders and network shares, and even Tabular SSAS servers.
Even when paired with O365, Power BI, or other cloud server, Power Update does NOT require the configuration of gateways, VPN's, or firewall ports.  Furthermore, Power Update supports auto-refresh of Power Query workbooks, finally allowing the industry to utilize PQ in "on-prem" production environments.
Finally, Power Update is NOT restricted to "once a day" refresh, nor is it subject to "rowset throttling" by Power BI version 2's 10k rows/hr (free version) or 1MM rows/hr (Pro) limitations.

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Power Update has re-energized our entire team’s interest in
Power Pivot and Power BI.  I highly recommend trying it out. 


-Tim Rodman
The Robbins Company